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Radiation Control Office


The Radiation Control Office (RCO) provides technical assistance for the use of radioisotopes and radiation producing machines here at Colorado State University.

This office provides training for the safe use, and regulates all inventories, of radioactive materials on campus. The University provides this service in compliance with the State of Colorado's Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Radiation Control. In addition, the RCO oversees the Radiation Safety Program, Laser Safety Program, and Magnetic Resonance Safety.

Radiation Control Office Programs
Radiation Safety Program Laser Safety Program Magnetic Resonance Safety


EHS Staff Abraham, James
Radiation Safety Officer
Alternate Laser Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3736
EHS Staff Tessari, Joe J
Laser Safety Officer
Alternate Radiation Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3928
EHS Staff Vocke, Ronda Joann
Radiation Control Technician
Ph:(970) 491-4327
EHS Staff Patello, Christy Lynn
Radiation Control Technician
Ph:(970) 491-4831
EHS Staff Ruby, Seth
Administrative Assistant
EHS Staff Serpa, Antonio
Calibration Specialist
Ph:(970) 491-5359

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Radiation Training[+]

For a List of All Rad. Online & Instructor-led training please use the link below.

Copy of the Training Module slides

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!- Viewing these slides is NOT a substitute for taking courses required by the Radiation Safety Committee. These slides are here for your benefit and to be used to ASSIST you when completing your exams.

Occupational Radiation Worker Training Classifications and Required Training
Classification Definition Required Modules
Ancillary User RAM use not permitted. Can occupy lab. 0
Normal User Any work with a radioactive material. 0, 1, 2, 4
Qualified User Authorized to run lab in absence of P.U. Can order and receive RAM 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Principal User Responsible for radiation safety in lab. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
X-Ray User Works directly with radiation producing machines. 0, 4, 8
Qualified X-Ray User Authorized to run x-ray lab in absence of P.U. 0, 4, 8
Principal User X-Ray Responsible for Radiation safety in x-ray lab. 0, 4, 6, 8
Density Gauge User Permitted use of Density Gauges 0, 4, 10
Principal User Density Gauge Authorized to store and use Density Gauges. 0, 4, 6, 10
Irradiator/Sealed Source User Authorized to use Irradiator / Sealed Source. 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7
Principal User Irradiator/ Sealed Source Authorized to possess, store, and use irradiator or sealed source 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
Veterinary Student Junior or Senior Vet Student at CSU VM-714, 9
Animal Holder Individuals hired to hold animals during x-ray procedures at the Veterinary Teaching Complex 0, 8 (4 if employed for 3 or more years)
General Radiation Course Information

Requirements of the Radiation Safety Program include radiation safety training for all users of radiation. This includes those whose official duties may potentially expose them to radiation.

The primary responsibility for providing adequate training for individuals who work routinely with radiation sources rests with the Principal User.

The Radiation Control Office, however, has traditionally provided radiation safety training to ensure that regulatory requirements for training have been met.

The Radiation Safety Committee has established training requirements for all radiation users. These requirements are outlined in the Radiation Control Manual and in Radiological Instruction No. 44 (RI-44). The schedule for the training modules (courses) is attached.

Previous CSU training is still valid and persons with the appropriate level of training for their level of radiation use will not be required to repeat training. Additional training requirements will be discussed during Orientation (Mod 0) training. Module 4 is scheduled via the Radiation Control Office and is essentially an inspection and interview with an individual or laboratory group to verify if the training they have received by the Radiation Control Office and documented in-lab training provided by the Principal User is being followed. Users that have experience and training from another institution can submit documentation of this training and experience and the RCO may allow the user to take a Challenge tests for modules 1, 2, and or 5 depending on the training and experience documentation relative to the individual modules. Users will not be exempt from modules 0, 3 and 6 as these courses are specific to operations at Colorado State University.

Please post this training schedule in the laboratory or in a common area and provide this information to qualified users. Please register for the training courses via the RCO website. You will need CSU ID. Please contact RCO by phone(491-4835), by fax (491-4804), or by mail (Environmental Health Services- 6021) if you have questions.

Class size is limited to 15 people, therefore you should register for your classes as soon as possible. Any class with less than 5 persons will be contacted about rescheduling the course. If 5 or more people need to take a specific course, an individual can call the RCO to set up a time to have any of the training courses (except Module 2) taught at EHS or the individuals’ location. In addition to the schedule provided below, Module 0 can be taught at anytime convenient to the RCO and an individual. On an individual basis, Modules 0, 6 and 7 are scheduled through the RCO (1-4835) and taught at EHS.

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Instructions and Forms[+]

List of All RCO's forms. If you need a form that is not downloadable contact the Radiation Control Office to have one sent.

RCO Doc # Document name Download
RI-01 Radiation User Personal Data Yes
RI-02 Project Application Yes
RI-03 Declaration of Pregnancy Yes
RI-10 Radionuclide Information Yes
RI-11 Laboratory Safety Yes
RI-12 Bioassays Yes
RI-13 Acquisition and Disposition Yes
RI-14 Shipment of Limited Quantity Radioisotopes Yes
RI-15 Housing and Handling of Radioactive Animals Yes
RI-16 Respiratory Protection Program Yes
RI-20 Handling of Radiation Accident Victims No
RI-21 Radiation Protection of Nurses and Therapists No
RI-22 Reporting Misadministrations No
RI-23 Diagnostic Radiology No
RI-24 Radiation Oncology/ Brachytherapy No
RI-25 Special X-Ray Procedures No
RI-26 Nuclear Medicine No
RI-27 Radiopharmacy No
RI-30 Analytical X-ray Machines No
RI-31 Self Shielded Irradiators No
RI-32 Particle Accelerators No
RI-40 Radiation Safety Committee Yes
RI-41 Radiation Safety Officer Yes
RI-42 RI and RF Criteria and Formats Yes
RI-43 Authorizations for Radiation Use Yes
RI-44 Radiation User's Safety Training Yes
RI-45 Radiation Emergency Notification and Response Yes
RI-46 Personnel Exposure Investigations and Reporting Yes
RI-47 Enforcement Actions Yes
RI-48 Contamination Investigations and Reporting Yes
RI-49 Lost Badge Dose Estimations No
RI-50 RadioIsotope Laboratory Evaluations Yes
RI-51 Leak Testing for Sealed Sources No
RI-52 Portable Radiation Survey Instrument Use and Calibration No
RI-53 Radioactivity Measuring Instruments Calibration and Use No
RI-54 Radioactive Waste Management No
RI-55 Transportation of Radioactive Materials No
RI-56 Receipt and Delivery of Radioisotope Packages No
RI-60 Radiation Protection of Veterinary Assistants and Students No
RI-61 Diagnostic Veterinary Radiology No
RI-62 Veterinary Radiation Oncology and Brachytherapy No
RI-63 Veterinary Nuclear Medicine No
RI-64 Veterinary Radiopharmacy No

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