The General Services Building on the Colorado State University campus
Environmental Health Services
EHS Staff Pictures Abraham, James
Radiation Safety Officer
Alternate Laser Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3736
EHS Staff Pictures Rice, Douglas A
Laboratory Director
Ph:(970) 491-6503
EHS Staff Pictures Antonelli, Francis A
Health & Safety Professional
Ph:(970) 491-3674
EHS Staff Pictures Riess, Jeannine L
Public Health Administrator
Ph:(970) 491-6121
EHS Staff Pictures Armenta, Alexis Jordan
Occupational Health Assistant
Ph:(970) 491-6745
EHS Staff Pictures Schroeder, Mary
Environmental Health Specialist
Ph:(970) 491-1816
EHS Staff Pictures Borchert, Andy
Chemical Management and IT Administrator
Ph:(970) 491-2705
EHS Staff Pictures Serpa, Antonio
Calibration Specialist
Ph:(970) 491-5359
EHS Staff Pictures Castell, Michael
Health & Safety Professional
Ph:(970) 491-5479
EHS Staff Pictures Swenson, Karl H
Explosives Expert
Ph:(970) 420-2013
EHS Staff Pictures Clockston, Raeven Lynn M
Student Assistant
Ph:(970) 491-6745
EHS Staff Pictures Tessari, Joe J
Laser Safety Officer
Alternate Radiation Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3928
EHS Staff Pictures Giglio, Christopher Gray
Chemical Management Officer CHMM, CSP, CHO
Ph:(970) 491-4830
EHS Staff Pictures Van Sickle, Joni Triantis
Occupational Health Coordinator
Ph:(970) 491-3102
EHS Staff Pictures Graham, James C
Ph:(970) 491-4803
EHS Staff Pictures Vocke, Ronda Joann
Radiation Control Technician
Ph:(970) 491-4327
EHS Staff Pictures Jackson, Christopher Earl
Chemical Safety and Compliance Specialist Central
EHS Staff Pictures Wartenbe, Anida G
Satellite Accumulation Area Auditor
Ph:(970) 491-6745
EHS Staff Pictures Leffler, Dominic Dean
Chemical Safety and Compliance Specialist Central
EHS Staff Pictures Wells, Richard Bradley
Information Technology Developer
Ph:(970) 491-1818
EHS Staff Pictures March, Eric R
Safety & Industrial Hygiene Administrator
Ph:(970) 491-4833
EHS Staff Pictures Yost, Kimberly Noelle
Accounting Technician & HR Manager
Ph:(970) 491-6746
EHS Staff Pictures Martinez, Eloy G
Health and Safety Professional
Ph:(970) 491-5035
EHS Staff Pictures Brown, Claudia R
Administrative Assistant
Ph:(970) 491-6745
EHS Staff Pictures Patello, Christy Lynn
Radiation Control Technician
Ph:(970) 491-4831
EHS Staff Pictures French, Danette
DOT/Occupational Health Professional
Ph:(970) 491-6349
EHS Staff Pictures Pemberton, Elden Duane
Hazardous Waste Manager CHMM, CIH
Ph:(970) 817-0451
EHS Staff Pictures Newhouse, James
Water Quality Lab Assistant
Ph:(970) 491-4837
EHS Staff Pictures Quintana, Kenneth Jeffrey
Emergency Management Coordinator
Ph:(970) 491-4749
EHS Staff Pictures Ruby, Seth
Administrative Assistant