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Controlled Substance Program


The Drug Review Committee (DRC) was transitioned from RICRO to Environmental Health Services (EHS) in early 2011. The DRC changed its’ name to the Controlled Substances Review Committee (CSRC). In discussions with the Vice President of Research and the Vice President of University Operations it was decided that the CSRC was no longer required and that an informational Database under the Chemical Management Unit (CMU) of EHS would be maintained.

This decision to have an informational database and not a formal review of protocols comes from the fact that PIs are already receiving approval from IACUC, the IBC, IRB or another review committee or the controlled substances are being used by licensed veterinarians or physicians. It was decided that submission of the same information for review by another committee was not necessary. The other review committees will review the use of the substances and have access to the controlled substance database to ensure that PIs are registered to use the controlled substances outlined in their protocols.

Giglio, Christopher Gray

Giglio, Christopher Gray

Chemical Management Officer CHMM, CSP, CHO

Borchert, Andy

Borchert, Andy

Chemical Management and IT Administrator

In the course of applying to renew the Controlled Substances Registration for CSU, we were informed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that they are now requiring that individuals (PIs) using controlled substances must obtain their own DEA Controlled Substance Registration Number. The DEA has given us an extension to our current “umbrella” Registration Number with the caveat that we must move quickly to get each individual their own unique DEA Registration Number.

Please be aware that these changes may be especially critical in the conduct of your research if you are a researcher with animal or human research protocols (IACUC and IRB).

Changes in how CSU manages controlled substances include:

  • Your roles and responsibilities
  • Ordering/use/transfer/disposal
  • Individual registration required through the DEA
  • Simplified submission to EHS

We have been in contact with the DEA numerous times over the past year to make sure that when we make the transition, it is as smooth and seamless as possible. The CMU will oversee the Controlled Substances transition. However, each PI will be responsible for placing orders and maintaining records after obtaining their individual DEA Registration Number.

What are Controlled Substances:
Here is a link of controlled substances that fall under this program. If you intend to use any of these items you must obtain a DEA Registration Number.

What this means to you:

  1. The CMU needs you to complete the CSU online application process to populate the new database. You may log in to complete the application process above. You will be prompted to take training that will assist you in filling out the application. We are under time constraints from the DEA and need the CSU online application completed by September 30th.

    Please Note: DO NOT take any actions to register with the DEA at this time. The CMU will contact you to complete the DEA on-line registration. The DEA has asked that groups submit their applications for individual registrations. This process will begin in October and continue into the Spring of 2013.

  2. In October, the CMU will ask the first group of PI’s to complete the DEA online registration process. The CMU can and will assist each of you with this process. The second and third groups of PIs will most likely be asked to perform this procedure in December and February 2013, respectively. Please be aware that this registration is for a specific “lock box” at a specific location. If you perform research at several locations, you will have to have a DEA Registration Number for each location.

  3. The DEA will come to Campus to perform a presentation to the first group of PI’s in November. At this time they will also visit with each PI at your “lock box” area to review security and recordkeeping.

    Note: At this time your “lock box” must be EMPTY. The CMU will coordinate with you to remove any controlled substances ordered under CSU’s “umbrella” registration and any logbooks pertaining to those substances. Basically you will be starting anew. Once your registration is approved, you will need to order new controlled substances under your new registration number. The CMU will again work with you during this transition so that research is not impeded. This process will be repeated for the second and third groups. In preparation, please check your logs/lock boxes for accuracy and if you have any expired/”extra” items please submit them to the CMU using a transfer form for proper disposition.