EHS General Services Building on the Colorado State University campus
Controlled Substance Program


The Drug Review Committee (DRC) was transitioned from RICRO to Environmental Health Services (EHS) in early 2011. The DRC changed its’ name to the Controlled Substances Review Committee (CSRC). In discussions with the Vice President of Research and the Vice President of University Operations it was decided that the CSRC was no longer required and that an informational Database under the Chemical Management Unit (CMU) of EHS would be maintained.

This decision to have an informational database and not a formal review of protocols comes from the fact that PIs are already receiving approval from IACUC, the IBC, IRB or another review committee or the controlled substances are being used by licensed veterinarians or physicians. It was decided that submission of the same information for review by another committee was not necessary. The other review committees will review the use of the substances and have access to the controlled substance database to ensure that PIs are registered to use the controlled substances outlined in their protocols.