The General Services Building on the Colorado State University campus
Emergency Response


EHS’s emergency response division is in place to minimize hazards to Colorado State University students, faculty, staff, the general public and the environment. These emergencies include fires, explosions, the unplanned release of hazardous materials etc. Numerous EHS personnel are trained in emergency response protocols.

Information about the management of large emergency response incidents at the University can be found under the Emergency Management section of EHS and on the Public Safety web site. (Provide links here)

What Constitutes an Emergency?

An emergency is defined as a fire, explosion or release of hazardous material that could threaten human health or the environment.

Call the CSU Police Department (911) and be sure to give the operator the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • The location (building and room number)
  • A description of the incident
Reporting of Non-Emergency Situations Call 491-6745

Public Safety -- Emergency Response Plan

Who to Call by type of complaint[+]

Ask for one of the listed reporting individuals below

Type of Complaint Who to Call
Food/Water/Indoor Air Quality (odors, etc) Jeannine Riess
Child Care/Communicable Disease Jeannine Riess
Animals/Pests/Sewage/Pools Jeannine Riess
Asbestos Eric March
Biohazardous Materials Robert Ellis
Hazardous Materials Chris Giglio
Confined Space Eric March
Fire Ken Quintana
Injuries/Accidents Sally Alexander
Radiological Hazards Jim Abraham, Joe Tessari
Mixed Waste Jim Abraham, Joe Tessari
Petroleum Fuel or Oils (SPCC) James Graham
Mold/Water Damage Doug Rice

Additional Contacts[+]

EHS Staff Abraham, James
Radiation Safety Officer
Alternate Laser Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3736
EHS Staff Antonelli, Francis A
Health & Safety Professional
Ph:(970) 491-3674
EHS Staff Borchert, Andy
Chemical Management Administrator
& Information Technology Administrator

Ph:(970) 491-2705
Ph2:(999) 999-9999

EHS Staff Giglio, Christopher Gray
Chemical Management Officer CHMM, CSP
Ph:(970) 491-4830
EHS Staff Graham, James C
Ph:(970) 491-4803
EHS Staff March, Eric R
Safety & Industrial Hygiene Administrator
Ph:(970) 491-4833
EHS Staff Martinez, Eloy G
Health and Safety Professional
Ph:(970) 491-5035
EHS Staff Pemberton, Elden Duane
Hazardous Waste Manager

Ph:(970) 817-0451
EHS Staff Quintana, Kenneth Jeffrey
Emergency Management Coordinator
Ph:(970) 491-4749
EHS Staff Rice, Douglas A
Laboratory Director
Ph:(970) 491-6503
EHS Staff Riess, Jeannine L
Public Health Administrator
Ph:(970) 491-6121
EHS Staff Tessari, Joe J
Laser Safety Officer
Alternate Radiation Safety Officer

Ph:(970) 491-3928
EHS Staff Vocke, Ronda Joann
Radiation Control Technician
Ph:(970) 491-4327