EHS General Services Building on the Colorado State University campus
Hazardous Waste Division


The Chemical Management Unit - Hazardous Waste Division (CMU-Haz) is dedicated to ensuring proper management and disposal of all hazardous wastes generated by research, teaching and facilities operations at Colorado State University (CSU). Safe and environmentally sound management of hazardous waste is an integral part of the CMU-Haz mission. This commitment allows CSU to meet its compliance obligations concerning federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the management of chemical hazardous waste.

CMU-Haz provides assistance for the disposal of hazardous waste generated at CSU. We provide training on hazardous waste management and regulate the proper handling and accumulation of all hazardous waste. The service we provide is free of charge to all individuals who work at CSU and generate normal waste.

Responsibility for compliance with hazardous waste regulations begins with the individual researchers and employees who generate the waste material, and continues through the transportation and disposal process.