EHS Radiation Control Office Instructions and Forms

  1. If you desire to use radioactive materials at Colorado State University, There are a few items that must be considered before planing your research project:
    1. You must be a faculty member or a staff member of the University to be classified as a Principal User (P.U.). The P.U. is responsible for radiation safety in his or her laboratory and for all employees and students in the lab. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer or the Alternate Radiation Safety Officer to discuss your options.

    2. You must have your own laboratory space to be designated as a P.U.  There are exceptions to this rule so contact the Radiation Safety Officer or Alt. Radiation Safety Officer to discuss your options.

    3. You should have financial and signature authority to make radiation safety decisions. In other words, if you need to purchase a piece of equipment for radiation safety, you should be able to make the necessary financial decision.

  2. As a Principal User you must first attend Module 0. This is a online Orientation course and is Required for all users of Radiation on campus.

  3. As a Principal User, you are required to attend Module 6. This is a meeting with the Radiation Safety Officer or the Alt. Radiation safety Officer. We request that you have the meeting at our office so we have access to needed information. We are located at 133 GSB. In this meeting, our staff will assist you in completing the Radiation Project Application for your laboratory. It is also your opportunity to ask any questions regarding your isotope procedures, and required training that may remain with your staff.

  4. Once you have completed your project safety plan, Please send a copy to the radiation control office for a courtesy review. The RCO will conduct a thorough review of your application and make recommendations as to any changes needed. We will send you a memo outlining any changes that are necessary for committee approval.

  5. Send two copies of your final draft back to the RCO. The RCO will select a Radiation Safety committee member to review your project. The Committee member will make recommendations to you and to the Radiation Safety Committee as to whether the project meets the University's requirements.  The project is then voted on by all of the committee members in the committee meeting held once per month, on the second Wednesdayof every month.

  6. Allow 1-2 months for project approval from the Radiation Safety Committee.  (Approval is unequivocally required by the committee before any work is to begin).

Before you attend your Module 6 meeting, please download the application applicable to your laboratory and bring it with you to the meeting. If you cannot download the required form, please inform the RCO beforehand so that arrangements can be made to have one ready when you arrive.

*Note -Please contact the RCO if you are having trouble downloading the form you need.