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Emergency Management Unit


The Emergency Management division of EHS is responsible for writing and maintaining the University Emergency Response Plan. This division also works with Training and Organizational Development (TOD) on the building proctor training to coordinate university emergency operations and emergency operations of colleges, departments and employees. The coordinator is the Special Event Coordinator which is the oversight for special events held on campus. This division also oversees the lightning prediction system on the CSU campus.

Deans, directors and department heads are responsible for reading and taking the actions described in Annex E of the Emergency Operation Plan for the university. A primary safety tool is the Building Safety Plan, which is discussed in Annex E.

Colleges, divisions and individual departments collaborate, through the building proctor system, to develop detailed Building Safety Plans consistent with the institutional emergency response plan. Department heads who are the primary users of a building are responsible for creating, disseminating, and maintaining that building’s plan, with assistance from the building proctor (s) and the Emergency Management Coordinator in EHS.

It is important to note that there should only be one Building Safety Plan for each building regardless of the number of departments in the building. This requires intentional cooperation and coordination. Each building will exercise or drill annually, with assistance from the Emergency Management Coordinator, based on the building plan to ensure employees understand the safety plan and to improve crises response.

Emergency Management Unit
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Quintana, Kenneth Jeffrey

Quintana, Kenneth Jeffrey

Emergency Management Coordinator