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RMI Travel Approvals and Waivers


The registration of CSU faculty or CSU employees traveling internationally on CSU business is beneficial to both the individual and the University in the event of an emergency. By registering employees can be quickly accounted for, contacted and given assistance where required.

Furthermore, Colorado State University’s insurance policies which cover CSU employees traveling internationally on CSU business require registration with risk management prior to departure. Without this registration, there is a risk that this insurance coverage could be compromised.

The NEW International Travel Approval and Kuali TEM

Over the last several months, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) has worked closely with Travel Services in making sure that the information needed by RMI for international travel is collected through the Kuali TEM process.

This means that with the recent Kuali TEM campus wide implementation, RMI has updated its systems so that users and travelers no longer need to enter the same information twice. We believe that this will lead to greater efficiency and less duplicative efforts in the international travel approval work flow.

Please remember that all travelers with student status will still need to obtain approval from the Office of International Programs – Education Abroad - prior to departure.

As of July 20, 2015 all new international travel saved and submitted in Kuali TEM will no longer require separate registration in the RMI International travel website. Instead, travel authorizations (TA) saved and submitted in Kuali TEM to international destinations will receive an RMI approval via email within 24 hours. This RMI approval email needs to be attached to the TA record by either the traveler or the TA initiator to demonstrate proof that RMI has approved the international travel. Users will no longer need to enter information into the RMI International registration, as all the information has already been captured in Kuali TEM’s TA document.

For those trips subject to a U.S. State Department travel advisory, the TA needs to be saved and submitted. Within 24 hours, the RMI system will notify the Traveler and TA initiator that the destination requires a travel advisory waiver. This waiver is now available electronically via a new Risk Management International Travel Portal. This is used to complete and sign waivers as well as to view previously approved trips in the system.

A CSU EID is required to login to the RMI travel portal to access the travel advisory waiver. Once the travel advisory waiver is electronically completed by the traveler using their EID, the RMI system will automatically generate an approval email. This approval email should be attached to the TA document to show proof that travel to the destination subject to a travel advisory has been approved by RMI.

Please DO NOT ad hoc RMI for approval of Travel Authorizations. Ad hoc requests will be DENIED, and may result in a delay of approval. It may also result in the department or traveler not being eligible for travel expense reimbursement.

From today until August 1, 2015 the Old RMI International Travel Registration database will be available for read only access in order to allow travelers and admins to access travel registration. No new trip registrations will be allowed.

Questions about this process please contact:
Sally Alexander at 970 491 7724, or sally.alexander@colostate.edu
Susan Cavender at 970 491 1432, or susan.cavender@colostate.edu
For IT questions please contact:
Rick Wells at 970 491 1818, or Richard.Wells@colostate.edu