How to Schedule an Office Ergonomic Evaluation

The CSU Office of Risk Management & Insurance Ergonomics Program offers 2 different types or levels of office ergonomic evaluation. Click the links below to read more information about the type of office ergonomic evaluations provided.

To schedule an office ergonomic evaluation - go online and fill out the Office Ergonomic Evaluation Questionnaire.

  1. Office Ergonomic Evaluation Questionnaire
    1. The questionnaire asks the employee to select the type of ergonomic evaluation preferred, evaluation time and day preferences, demographic and employment information, job responsibilities, personal hobbies and areas of discomfort.

Click the following link to read more about the types of office ergonomic evaluation offered.

  1. Office Ergonomic Evaluation Details

Following submission of the online questionnaire, a qualified member of the CSU ergonomics team will be in touch to coordinate the time and day for the ergonomic evaluation.

Call or email Frank Gonzales, Ergonomics Program Coordinator with questions you may have.
(970) 491-2724