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Below is information regarding frequently asked questions,
information on the chemical audit process, contact information, and a quicklink
to the CAMS FAQ page. Feel free to contact us at chemmgt@colostate.edu
with any questions so that we can make this audit process as smooth as possible!


Q: What is a chemical inventory audit?

A: A chemical audit involves scanning each of your chemical barcodes, adding and replacing barcodes, adding chemical locations and sub-locations, and helping with chemical organization.

Q: Why is my chemical inventory being maintained?

A: EHS maintains an online chemical inventory to facilitate state and federal regulatory reporting (ex. Department of Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency, Right to Know, etc.). The chemical inventory provides EHS with lab specific chemical hazard information and this, in-turn, helps EHS provide site specific training. In addition, the chemical inventory provides local emergency response crews with hazard information.

Q: Do I need to login to the Chemical Inventory Database every time I use my chemicals?

A: No. EHS does not expect researchers to update quantities in the database each time a chemical is used. EHS encourages you to update your chemical inventory to the Chemical Inventory Database when:

  • You recieve a chemical
  • You transfer a chemical to a new location, either external or internal to your lab
  • You use up a chemical

Q: Will you be auditing gloveboxes and freezers?

A: The Chemical Management Unit would like an inventory of the items in gloveboxes. Please have an excel spreadsheet with barcodes of what is in each of your gloveboxes. Only in rare cases that you absolutely need to have an inventory of your freezers and you must supply us with an excel spreadsheet with the barcodes just like the gloveboxes.

Q: Who do I contact with more information?

A: Please send us an email at chemmgt@colostate.edu

Q: What is chemical amnesty?

A: The Chemical Management Unit(CMU) is offering chemical amnesty for the period that we are auditing your lab. Prior to the audit, we ask that you physically go through your chemicals and weed out any outdated/expired/unneeded chemicals. Place them in an area of the lab for us to process for disposal.

Audit Information

The chemical audit involves scanning each of your chemical barcodes, as well as adding and replacing barcodes. The main goal is to help with chemical organization and safety of the lab. We will be contacting labs with the timeframes that we will be in your buildings performing audits Before conducting the lab there are several things that we need from you!

  1. The First thing we need is for you to contact chemmgt@colostate.edu with any special requests. Just know however we will not be conducting inventory on gloveboxes and freezers, (These will require an excel spreadsheet with a barcode of what is in each glovebox and freezer).
  2. The second thing is chemical amnesty, for this please physically go through your chemicals and weed out any outdated/expired/unneeded chemicals. Place them in an area in your lab where we can process them for disposal.
  3. With unknown chemicals in your lab, please research these to the best of your ability to figure out what they are If you cannot, we will need to have the unknown tested and the costs will have to be picked up by the lab.
  4. Finally, if you come across unstable chemicals please leave them where they lie and contact us to schedule a time for us to come take a look.

Contact Information

With any further questions please send us an email!



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Covid-19 Information

We will be following the university guidelines regarding Covid-19. Pending any changes we will update our process as needed. Thanks for the understanding.

Audit Scheduling

We will be in Yates, starting the last week of April

We will reach out with an email specifying when we will be in your specific building and floor.

Jackson, Chris Earl

Jackson, Chris Earl

Chemical Safety and Compliance Specialist Central

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Leffler, Dominic Dean

Chemical Safety and Compliance Specialist Central

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Gramke, Melvin Peter

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Borchert, Andrew Blake

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Mclaughlin, Shay

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Tangen, Abbie D

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