How to find a chemical product's Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
The following table provides 3 top techniques to quickly obtain a product's SDS or MSDS
# Organizations
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Website Instructions
1. Google




  1. Click one of the search engine links on the left
  2. Enter the search criteria: i.e. "Acetone" + "MSDS" or "SDS"
        To narrow the search results add addtional serach criteria i.e. + "manufacturer Name", etc.
  3. Press the enter key on your keyboard or click the serach icon on the website
2. Where to Find MSDS on the Internet
Where to Find MSDS on the Internet
  1. Click the link to the left
  2. Scroll down and select from multiple MSDS and SDS databases. Most require registration.

    *Helpful Tip* The website "MSDSXchange"
    dose not require registration and may be quicker than the other SDS or MSDS sites
  3. Follow the individual website search features
3. Contact
CSU Environmental Health Services

  1. CALL EHS 491-6745 (during business hours 8-5)
  2. For emergencies, CALL 911